At Atlantic Academy Portland we are passionate about leading a healthy active lifestyle and know how essential this is for our pupils.

Physical activity and good nutrition helps our pupils in many ways: achieve a healthy body weight; build strong bones, muscles and joints and develop fundamental movement skills. Leading a healthy and active lifestyle can also reduce the risk of serious diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. 

EVEN MORE reasons for leading a healthy active lifestyle:

  • Reduces the risk of mental health problems, such as, anxiety, depression and stress
  • Boosts brain stimulation to improve concentration and memory
  • Improves mood, due to release of Endorphins
  • Improves posture
  • Helps achieve and maintain healthy teeth
  • Builds greater self-esteem and body confidence
  • Aids towards healthy skin and hair

At Atlantic Academy Healthy Active Lifestyles are at the heart of our curriculum

  • PE is timetabled so that each year group in Primary Phase receive a minimum of 1.5 hours PE each week
  • Sports equipment is provided in every year group to ensure break and lunch times are active. 
  • Activities at break and lunch time are led by Sports Leaders and staff are trained to supervise active games and challenges
  • Healthy nutrition is taught as part of both the PE and PSHCE curriculum which is interviewed into our daily Tutor sessions
  • Healthy packed lunches are encouraged and monitored by our Healthy Eating ambassadors to ensure all children are getting a nutritious lunch.
  • All school meals that are provided are Healthy school meals to support a balanced diet.
  • All lessons are planned with an element to ensure the brain is stimulated; proven to boost brain productivity.
  • Assemblies take place in school, to educate children about nutrition, sleep and physical activity.

Supporting your child to lead a Healthy Lifestyle.

Leading a healthy, active lifestyle from a young age and creating good habits is essential to set the foundations that each child will take into their adult life. Parents and carers have the responsibility to be good role models and have a positive attitude to being active and eating healthily.

There are simple ways for children, families, parents and carers to lead a healthy, active lifestyle:

  • 60 MINUTES ACTIVITY each day, participating in moderate to vigorous exercise.
  • CHOOSE WATER, as this helps quench thirst, transports vitamins and minerals around your body and has no added sugar and boosts your metabolism.
  • EAT FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, as these are the main source of vitamins and minerals to boosts vitality and reduce the risk of disease. It is recommended to have fruit and vegetables as a convenient snack, rather than processed, high sugar, high fat snacks.
  • SWITCH OFF THE SCREEN AND GET ACTIVE! Time spent watching TV, playing computer games or using devices is linked to children becoming overweight, obese and developing mental health problems. Encourage children to be active and social in order to change habits and behaviours to benefit the child.

Develop the Confident, Character and Commitment to living a HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLE

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