We are firmly convinced that a transformative future in education is best accomplished together – by students and teachers actively listening to one another with mutual trust and respect, learning side by side in ways that promote ever deeper understanding and expansive creativity, and leading with shared responsibility to bring about everyone’s hopes and dreams.  It is crucial that we establish a common definition of voice and for this we will refer to the research from the Quaglia Institute.

‘Voice is sharing thoughts and ideas in an environment underpinned by trust and respect, offering realistic suggestions for the good of the whole, and accepting responsibility for not only what is said but also what needs to be done’

Having the opportunity to voice your opinion is incredibly character building and rewarding. The ability to share one’s ideas and opinions is a lifelong skill – even a civic duty. Student voice is an integral part of the academy ethos and it allows our students to build a legacy of improvement for future students.

At Atlantic Academy, we recognise the potential in all of our students, and as future leaders, we offer a range of opportunities and roles for students to become involved in leading others, influencing practice and embedding change. We have a variety of range of student leadership opportunities for students in all years and we encourage all of our students with the qualities and aspirations to make a difference to life at our school to take the opportunities presented to them.

Our student leadership structure is also the vehicle used for student voice.  Students will complete regular feedback through surveys on a variety of topics.  The feedback from students is taken into account when making decisions and actions arising are shared with students on a regular basis. Each year our students and parents complete a survey linked explicitly to the Three Guiding Principles. The results of these surveys can be found here, along with a summary of our Academy Student Council meetings.


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