Atlantic Academy – Inspiring character, confidence and commitment.


By providing an outstanding all through provision we will transform the lives of all of our students; inspiring them to have the confidence, character and commitment to realise their full potential.


To improve the character, commitment and confidence of all our students we will continue to deliver our engaging curriculum, improve outcomes and provide opportunities for cultural enrichment.

Mission Objectives


We are proud of our school and it is respected in the community

  • We care and respect each other

  • We define ourselves and are not afraid of opportunity


  • We feel valued

  • We feel safe to learn and try something new

  • We believe in ourselves and each other


  • We work hard and are resilient

  • We have disruption free learning

  • We have an engaging curriculum

Our Core Principals are underpinned by the Aspirations Trusts values and ethos.  We are developing an educational framework that delivers high aspirations, high levels of academic performance and the development of the skills required for success in the 21st century workplace: No limits: Education for success in the 21st century

The core principles of this framework are:

  • Self-worth, Engagement, Purpose

  • High expectations

  • Employability

  • Opportunity

  • Innovation and Enterprise

  • Challenge and Engagement

  • Talent Development

  • Makers and Creators

  • Global

  • With big dreams and hard work anything is possible

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