Atlantic Academy has three Houses, each of them is represented by local location and a colour. 

All students belong to a house from Reception to Year 11 as part of our all through philosophy and we try to keep siblings in the same houses all through their school life. The tie they wear determines the house they belong to.

Throughout the year we run numerous competitions within house teams, allowing students to participate across all age groups.

Church Ope Cove House

Maths • Science • Psychology

One of Portland’s hidden gems on the island’s sheltered east coast. Nestled down steep steps this secretive cove is steeped in history and surrounded by a unique rocky landscape.

Castle Cove House

English • MFL • Humanities • SEND

This little sheltered beach, tucked within the lee of a great castle and the cliffs behind saw the arrival and departure of many a local fisherman and indeed more than a few canny smugglers.

Chesil Cove House

Art • DT • Music • Sport • PSHRE • Drama

Nothing can detract from the magnificence of the huge shingle bank known as Chesil Beach  where the thunder of waves upon shingle echo for miles inland

The system is an innovative way of combining the pastoral and academic side of Academy Life:

Our aim is to showcase the significant benefits of an all-through age education in delivering a seamless, highly effective and engaging education for young people; ensuring that each phase of education is fully preparing children for their next phase.

All through initiatives

  1. Reading Programme – continue to ensure student ambassadors from Upper school work with and support lower school
  2. Student Voice whole school from Sept 22 – new structure in place to ensure all phases meet and work together
  3. Anti-bullying ambassadors and training in place – Phase specific.
  4. Vertical Faculty assemblies in place from Sept 22 –  whole school theme and discussions
  5. Inter school competitions to develop an all through element eg sports day and other celebration events
  6. Charity days allocated to each ‘school’ 3 x annually (in line with assessment and celebration weeks)
  7. Buddy programs – using students from both upper and lower schools to support one another
  8. Leadership opportunities – working with ADa to ensure a clear all through vision is in place across all phases.


Work planned to further develop our all through curriculum and realign schools to ensure specialist areas and teachers ‘belong’ to a specific school.

  • Each subject area and specialism allocated to each school –  see structure below
  • Phase specific specialists link up to further develop expertise and curriculum planning/CPD
  • Subject specialist where appropriate to link up and teach across phases (Particular focus of Y5/6) 
  • Linked ATL units of work – phases from the upper and lower school work to complement one another (Planned work with local artists and Quarry for Sept ‘22 in Years 5 and 8)
  • Whole school ATL exhibition of learning planned and in place every term from September ‘22 to ensure outcomes are showcased both across the school community and within the wider community.
  • Staff CPD time allocated to further develop subject areas to build on and develop – particular focus where units are revisited (Humanities) and to develop bridging units between key stages

School Points

Every week the students  from Reception to Year 11 have the chance to earn positive points, at the end of the week these are all collated together to see which school has the most.

Points can be awarded for a variety of reasons both inside and outside lessons such as; commitment to their academic work, Golden tickets, An act of kindness or thoughtfulness, being polite and considerate to name just a few examples.

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