Atlantic Academy Summer school 


About the summer school 2021: 

Back in 2021 the DFE announced that they would be supporting schools to deliver a summer school programme as part of the educational recovery programme. 

The summer school programme supported secondary schools in delivering a short summer school that had a blend of academic and enrichment activities that supported the transition into year 7 and year 8. 

The Atlantic approach to summer school: 

Upon an initial survey to all incoming year 6 students, and the year 7 students we offered 45 spaces for the summer school. Our focus was to offer a rich opportunity for our students to: 

  • Build a community with their fellow peers 
  • Build new relationships with members of the local community and staff at Atlantic 
  • Familiarise themselves with the school environment 

What was included in the two weeks: 

Over the two weeks, we worked with Dorset Holidays and Families (Dorset HAF) who supported us in delivering a diverse programme of activities, education, and wellbeing sessions. 

Activities included: 

-Morning family breakfast, reading, and oracy (students had breakfast together, we discussed the latest news stories and how they were spending their holiday time) 

-English based story writing activities 

-Debates on current events and news stories 

-Art-based activities 

-Language and Culture day 

-Daily physical exercise and sports 

-Mental health and wellness activities

-Celebration/ graduation day 

The summer school was a fantastic event that really did enrich the students, challenge them to make new friends and push comfort zones and develop self-efficacy and the ability to tackle problems and be independent. 

Funding the summer school: 

For mainstream schools funding was calculated on a daily rate of £59.70 per pupil place per day.  

Based on the initial survey in which we asked parents/ guardians to sign a declaration of interest we offered 100 places, based on interest. Of this 45 students were signed up for the two-week event, confirming attendance in advance. 

Funding per pupil for the two weeks= 10 days x 59.70x 45 places =£26,685.00  

Ahead of the event, we were made aware of two students unable to attend. As such our planning was adjusted to 43 spaces. 

Funding per pupil for the two weeks= 10 days x 59.70x 43 places =£25,671.00 

We incurred the following costs throughout the event and claimed for: 

Item  Item cost  Reason for Item 
First aid training  £10.00  For lead teacher to be first aid trained – achieved pediatric level 3 full certification 
Chromebooks  £8,170.00 As all technology is handed in for summer service we wanted to ensure all students had access to technology to support events being held during summer school. 
Celebration food  £71.53 To support final celebration days 
Site open/ close  £600.00  External company to open and close the building 
Cleaning costs  £407.10 Costs of cleaning throughout the 10 days 
Utilities £1699.10 Gas, water, electric for 10 days 
Staff costs  £5757.86 Costs of core school staff 
BCP HAF £5670.00 Support staff from external agency 
Total  £22,385.59 Total claimed for cost of the possible £25,671.00
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