At Atlantic Academy our aim is to ensure that all our pupils achieve their full potential, both academically and socially.

In accordance with the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice 2015, and the Academy Special Educational Needs Inclusion Policy, we recognise that children have special educational needs if they have a “learning difficulty which calls for special educational provision” to be made for them.

We are fully inclusive and all children are actively encouraged to participate in all activities.  Our site and facilities are fully accessible for all students, including those with disabilities, including wheelchair access.

At Atlantic Academy we have 2  SENDCos, one dedicated to primary and one dedicated to secondary

Miss Heppell (Primary) Mrs  Delage-Townsend (Secondary)

Our SEND Policy  is in keeping with the Academy’s aims, its Teaching and Learning policies, and its Equality of Opportunity as well as National directives and Local guidance. Atlantic Academy is committed to a policy of inclusion: one in which the teaching

, learning, achievements, attitudes and well being of all students matter. The Governing Body believes that all students, regardless of ability and behaviour, are valued equally at Atlantic Academy. Students who have been identified as having different learning requirements are not viewed as a separate entity but are valued and respected as equal members of a learning community where different children’s needs are recognised and met through varied and flexible provision throughout the curriculum.

Guiding Principles:

  • To ensure that all students, whether or not they have SEND, have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, which is differentiated to meet their individual needs.
  • To ensure early identification assessment and provision for any student who may have special educational needs.
  • To help every child realise his or her full potential and optimise their self-esteem.
  • To enable all staff to play a part in identifying SEND students and to take responsibility for recognising and addressing their individual needs. To encourage the whole Academy community to demonstrate a positive attitude towards SEND.
  • To encourage an effective parent partnership in developing and implementing a joint learning approach at home and at the Academy.
  • To follow the SEND Code of Practice (2014/15) and subsequent changes in national policies and guidelines, which recommends a graduated approach whereby appropriate actions, Early Intervention/Graduated Approaches and Education Health and Care Plans, are matched to the individual child’s needs.
  • To be informed by national and local SEND guidance.

Please click here for the Atlantic Academy SEND Policy and Information Report 2023_24 for information about our Local Offer. 

If you want more information about Dorset County Council’s Local SEND Offer, please visit the following link.

If you would like advice and support on SEND from an impartial service, please get in touch with Dorset Sendias (SEN and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service).

Please find our Accessibility Plan for students here

If you have any SEND enquires please click here.

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