We believe that it is imperative that our students are equipped to continue their learning with us uninterrupted, whether they are in school or are, for whatever reason, unable to attend school.  To support this, each subject has its own google classroom for each year group, or in some cases each class.  Assignments will be uploaded covering the work that is being done in class.  While we place a great emphasis on powerful subject knowledge as a key driver for success, the work will also support the building of key 21st century skills such as independence, creative thinking and digital literacy.

We are currently still following our curriculum, which has been clearly planned and sequenced. As students are following their normal timetables we have not needed to alter this. However this will be reviewed and updated here.

Atlantic Remote learning curriculum

Safeguarding Addendum 2021

Early Years- (RECEPTION Class)

Remote learning will be provided by the reception team through your child’s Tapestry app. If you require additional support regarding access to Tapestry please contact Mr Blanthorn through the contact pages on the website.

Key Stage One- (Years 1/)

Remote learning will be provided by the Key Stage One team using the SeeSaw app. If you require support accessing your child’s class on See Saw please contact the Key Stage One team through the contact pages on the website.

Key stage 2 – (Years 3/4/5/6)

Key Stage 2 Google Classroom Codes
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Key stage 3 – (Years 7/8/9)

Year 7
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9


Key Stage 3 Google Classroom Codes
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English xnf7vpw wiwbyof 4qv37iy
Maths noxxewo snzvhrp nkm2fb2
Science nbi5ccw trkypqn 2k4dpme
History uuof6me flosi6x pkkcajc
Geography rptoatm z6hxuyo v7vnbfw
French 2rwnu2v cs2j6yf t7astd4
Music n4gvufw r6jfvhp eorlkjk
Drama 7B – 2m656sq
7G – 7yvdamf
7O – k6hhcop
8A – 4cpeexv
8S – nsbiy33
8P – mdhwfta
8I – n4hm552
9A – 4zn26ii
9S – ae67efv
9P – 5hbfiom
9I – 7mf56p5
Computer Science 9A – glmfvq2 9S – c5zohsc 9P – oocxmj


Key stage 4 – (Years 10 & 11)

Year 10 Year 11


Key Stage 4 Google Classroom Codes
Year 10 Year 11
English l2if6zp tmhfcao
Maths foundation: btzlxhg
higher 53v5pn7
foundation rkrgamu
higher hzur6rb
Science wpv5c56 cuag3og
History tj7qee3 qebkfxr
Geography hxh4fyu 7jn2j2o
French ozhzk53 3wjilbq
Philosophy and Ethics 6j5bzpl
Music dsa5a6o 3nfb7cp
Health and Social Care H&S Care – ftalto2 H&S Care – vkus4zu
MLi – oeyn4eu
Drama iahuuei jjk32akr
Dance ubtvefy
Computer Science ce24yhh ub6dq5u
Business Studies mtk2o5u grubguv
Sport 6y2h3nf GCSE – ttpycmp

BTEC – mxyglet

Hospitality bxguoiz tdva6qk
Art 3hdv43w uaed5oe


You may be aware that we are using Seneca Learning to support our students’ digital learning. Seneca offers high-quality free online learning courses for students to study from a computer, tablet or phone. Seneca also provides free parent accounts. Their free parent accounts allow you to track your child’s learning and help make conversations about school and learning easier. 

Seneca’s parent accounts also allow you to learn alongside your child if you wish to do so. This might be helpful in supporting you to work with your child on areas of their school work that you are less familiar with.You can sign up for a free Seneca parent account here: app.senecalearning.com/parent

Seneca have made this handy 2 minute video to help you get started.  Or you can read how to get your free account if you’d prefer.  You can also click here to sign up for a free webinar on how you can use Seneca to help your child. 

If you have any questions about how Seneca works, you can get support from the Seneca team using the live chat on their website or you can email them at learnmore@seneca.io

In addition to our subject classrooms, Tutor Classrooms support our well-being and pastoral curriculum and are a safe space for students to discuss the world in which they live today.

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