We are very happy to announce that this year’s results have seen an incredible improvement from the predecessor Academy. The Academy has been on an incredibly rapid journey of improvement to support students to make the progress that reflects their ability, massively increasing expectations. The Progress made by the students will place us amongst the highest performing schools in Dorset. Over 60% of students gained 5 or more GCSEs at the standard pass rate – which is a fantastic reflection of the progress made by students this year. We are likely to also be placed  amongst the very top of the most improved schools in England.

The headline figure of English with Maths stands at 53% (up from 42% at IPACA in 2017). What is particularly impressive is that each student has made over a full grade more progress this year. than last  (IPACA 2017), on average per subject; and this will place Atlantic Academy Portland above the national average for progress, and one of the highest progress figures in Dorset – the key Government performance indicator.

Mr Heap, Principal, commented ‘We are absolutely delighted for such a dedicated and positive group of students. They recognised that there is no substitute for hard work, and they responded from the very first day in September, proving that hard work and dedication pays off. What was impressive is that that they did this with a smile’ he added ‘I would also like to thank all Academy staff, and parents, who have been incredibly supportive, and committed in supporting all students; we are all incredibly proud of their life changing results’

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