In-Year Admissions for any Year group at Atlantic

We have places available at Atlantic Academy

All applications made during the academic year (in year admissions) must be made directly to the school. All such applications will be considered and if the year group applied for has a place available in the appropriate year the Academy will  would love your child to join us .

Sometimes student data for the  applicant may need to be referred to the Local Authority for  Fair Access panel meeting.  If more applications are received than there are places available, the oversubscription criteria above for Reception, Year 7 places shall apply.

In-Year Applications 20/21 Age Range

Year Group Age on 31/08/2020 Birth Date Range
Reception 4 01/09/2016- 31/08/2017
Year 1 5 01/09/2014- 31/08/2015
Year 2 6 01/09/2013- 31/08/2014
Year 3 7 01/09/2012- 31/08/2013
Year 4 8 01/09/2011- 31/08/2012
Year 5 9 01/09/2010- 31/08/2011
Year 6 10 01/09/2009- 31/08/2010
Year 7 11 01/09/2008- 31/08/2009
Year 8 12 01/09/2007-31/08/2008
Year 9 13 01/09/2006-31/08/2007
Year 10 14 01/09/2005-31/08/2006
Year 11 15 01/09/2004-31/08/2005


Parents whose application is turned down are entitled to appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel.

Waiting list for in-year admissions will be in operation until the end of the academic year.

Although most children will be admitted to the Academy within their own age group, the Academy will make decisions on the year group of entry on the basis of the circumstances of each individual case. Parents do not have a right of Appeal if a place is offered in a year group other than the year group in which they applied for.

Please contact the Academy directly for any in year admission enquiries Email:

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