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Welcome to Atlantic Academy Portland. Atlantic Academy Portland’s aim is to provide an outstanding education for all children who live on the Isle of Portland.  We are an all-through age 3 to 19 Academy with two form entry in the primary years (Pre-school to Year 6) and four form entry from Year 7 to Year 11. We also have a post 16 provision for 200 students. The Academy is based at Maritime House in Southwell on the Isle of Portland. We also have a small additional educational site at Osprey Quay.

The Isle of Portland is a unique place and Atlantic Academy Portland will offer a unique, high quality education. The academy is part of the Aspirations Academies Trust, a very successful academy trust with 14 other academies. Atlantic Academy works extremely closely with Jewell Academy Bournemouth (primary school), Ocean Academy Poole (Junior school), Magna Academy Poole (secondary school) and the proposed Livingstone Academy Bournemouth (primary/secondary). All these schools make up the South Coast District of Aspirations Academies. Atlantic Academy benefits greatly from the support of the Aspirations Teaching School Alliance based at Magna Academy Poole.

We aim to ensure that our pupils and parents feel a real sense of belonging and pride in being part of the Atlantic Academy family. Our smart uniform immediately establishes each pupil’s sense of identity and the numerous opportunities we offer parents to engage in life at the Academy enable them to gain the skills and confidence to support their child’s learning. We passionately believe that no child is average and every child is unique. Every child needs to feel special and by valuing each individual, pupil’s aspirations are raised, enabling them to reach their fullest potential.  

At Atlantic Academy Portland, the curriculum is relevant, engaging and exciting for all learners. In the primary years literacy and numeracy skills form the backbone of the curriculum, with Early Years being key to developing the skills needed for pupils to become lifelong learners.  

Aspirations academies aim to bring the education they deliver in line with the demands of modern, global society. Every young person is now competing for work with people from all corners of the globe. China has more first class honours graduates than Europe and America’s total graduate population! To gain advantage in the job market and to help develop a highly productive economy, young people need to be the best in every respect. Our core purpose is to develop young people with the skills, qualities and high-level qualifications that will enable them to be the very best they can be, enabling them to compete on a global stage.

Aspirations academies are schools with a central philosophy driven by the Aspirations Framework, enabling a unique approach to education. Our academies share the commitment to make certain that all young people achieve their fullest academic potential and become responsible citizens. To achieve this goal we are dedicated to promoting and putting into practice the principles and conditions that foster student aspirations. Each Aspirations Academy strives to ensure that all students have the opportunity to discover and appreciate their endless promise for a successful future. At whatever stage a student joins an Aspirations Academy the aim is to provide each individual child with the best possible life chance.

Atlantic Academy Portland is a dynamic learning environment designed to keep pace with the changing needs of every pupil. Our age 3 - 19 approach mixes the traditional with the innovative. Combining successful, well-tried approaches to education with new approaches to learning designed to best prepare our young people for the ‘real’ world that exists outside our academy. By creating a seamless transition and providing a coordinated curriculum across all Key Stages delivered by a continuum of staff with a coordinated approach to practice and pedagogy we ensure no time is lost in transition at, ages 7 and, 11 ensuring all years are highly productive in terms of the depth of learning pupils experience and the high levels of progress made, as well as ensuring pupils have longer to develop emotionally, socially and academically.

The skills essential to success in the world today include creativity and team-work, as well as scientific and mathematical knowledge. Atlantic Academy Portland is developing a curriculum which ensures the Creative Application of Science and Maths (CASM) with a view to fully prepare our students with success in today’s world. This will also involve a creative and innovative approach to teaching and learning in order to develop the range of skills that many employers consider are currently lacking in school leavers: experience, initiative, enthusiasm, verbal communication, ability to fit in, reliability, and basic literacy. The Academy will develop young people as creative technologists with the skills to thrive in this digital world.  

The facilities at Atlantic Academy Portland are fantastic, a cinema, one to one hand held devices and some residential accommodation. The aim is to ensure these excellent facilities are not only used to develop and outstanding education for our young people but are also available and well used by the local community.

Our website aims to give you a flavour of life at the Academy but the best way to find out what we’re about is to arrange a visit. We are always happy to give tours and discuss the needs of your child with you on an individual basis, so please make an appointment via the office and we look forward to meeting you personally.

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