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  • 05:15 PM - 3rd July, 2020 Another great effort from our quizzers! Well done to our top 10
  • 04:50 PM - 3rd July, 2020 Millie put together an amazing playlist of "Little Mix" tracks. So many great songs to choose from!
  • 03:49 PM - 3rd July, 2020 Rebecca's tap dancing produces some fantastic percussive sounds to emphasise the rhythm of the music she is dancing to.
  • 03:15 PM - 3rd July, 2020 Join us today at 5pm for our weekly quiz. Simply log on to and enter the code 456894
  • 02:48 PM - 3rd July, 2020 A very joyful playlist, perfect for summer from Chloe for the Music Challenge Mat.