Our Main aims in by the end of Key Stage One is to ensure students have the key academic skills and personal development to ensure they are read to progress into Key Stage 2.

Our Year 2 curriculum is designed to develop curiosity and ensure our students continue to build on from the successful start they have gained in Year 1.

Curriculum Overview

By the end of the Key Stage 2, our aim is that our students are confident in the following areas;

  • Are able to read fluently, using inference and deduction to demonstrate understanding
  • Are able to write a variety of text types independently
  • Ask and answer questions using a wide and technical vocabulary
  • Secure a command of the four operations in mathematics, using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations
  • Develop resilience and persist with tasks that they find challenging
  • Show independence in social settings, building positive relationships with a wide range of friends and managing conflict in a win-win manner.

A typical day in Key Stage One.

During a ‘typical’ Academy day in key Stage One we will Start the day with our Read Write Ink session (y1) or Grammar, Punctuation and SPelling Lesson (Yea 2). This is our daily phonics lesson. Following phonics we continue our literacy theme with our Talk for Writing session, these lessons will often see us dramatise or orally rehearse a story that we are learning, Eventually we learn how to innovate and write our own stories as authors. After break we complete our Maths No Problem session which will often see us using concrete resources (such as dienes or place value counters) to solve real life mathematical problems. Following Family dining and Lunch time play, the afternoon we will will complete a variety of tasks form our non core subjects (Geography, History, Art, PE, DT, RE). At least once a week we participate in a Science lesson sometimes these will take place in the Science Labs in school.

Year 1

8.15 / 8.27

Gates Open


Line up


Registration and Daily Message Board


Read Write Ink Phonics


Talk for Writing


Morning Break


Handwriting focus


Maths No Problem


Family Dining


Lunchtime play




Computer Science


Tutor time/Storytime

15.15 to 16.15

Enrichment activities

Curriculum Enrichment

Enhancing our curriculum with Trips and visits is an important focus at Atlantic Academy. In Year one we visit the beach to participate in a beach clean as part of our recycling topic as well as taking part in a number of Geography fieldwork activities. In addition we enjoy visits from the Fire Service and a number of community representatives.

Communication with parents

We know that by working in Partnership with parents and carers will ensure the students at our school have the very best start to their educational career.

We ensure all staff are available every morning at drop off and pick up so we can share any events or activity. We report students progress 3 times a year with a data report demonstrating progress and twice a year we hold a consultation meeting discussing your child’s progress and next steps.

During our celebration weeks, 3 times a year there will be events to come in and celebrate your child’s learning for example to join our Family dining and to enjoy a performance or poetry in our theatre.

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