Admissions Appeal

Parents who are not offered a place for their child are entitled to appeal to an independent committee under provisions of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 as amended by section 40 of the Education & Inspections Act 2006, only if there is maladministration, an unreasonable decision or the admission criteria is non-compliant. Parents wishing to appeal in these circumstances should contact the local authority admissions department and complete an appeal form. The form should be sent to the Local Authority within 15 school working days from the notification of the decision not to admit.


Our admissions policy can be found here.

PAN consultation paper can be found here.

PAN consultation meeting presentation can be found here.

PAN consultation minutes can be found here.

PAN consultation Report can be found here.

Table of Responses can be found here.

Please find the Consultation on the Relocation of Early Years and reopening of Sixth Form at Atlantic Academy here.

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