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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list of freqently asked questions from parents and careers. 

How do I set up my child/ren sQuid account?


How do I get onto Progresso?


What does SWAT mean?

Please find information about SWAT here. 

Meaning of SWAT


Why can I not see all the details on my phone for progresso?

Details can only be seen on a PC or a laptop. 

I was not informed of my child's detention?

Text messages for detentions are now going to be sent. 

I am at work all day and do not have access to the internet.

Text messages for detentions are now going to be sent. 

I have emailed a member of staff today and they have not got back to me.

Staff have 24 hours to reply, this is so it does not interrupt with their teaching time. 

Will I get charged if I take my child/ren out of school? 

This year we aspire to achieve at least 97% attendance. High attendance at school is vital for all students in order for them to reach or exceed their potential. Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between high attendance and high achievement. At Atlantic we set a minimum attendance target of 97% for all our students, at this level they are likely to maximise their academic progress and therefore their future life chances. If a child is taken out of school without authorisation, then the Academy is extremely rigorous in following its policy, which includes fining and legal action.