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Faculty System

Atlantic Academy has four Faculties and each of them is represented by a different colour.  Through the year we run numerous competitions within faculty teams, allowing students to participate across all age groups. Students represent their faculties by the colour of their tie which is awarded when they join Year 1.

In the Secondary phase all members of staff belong to one of these Faculties. Each Faculty is overseen by a member of the senior leadership team: Blue, Green, Orange

Staff in the Primary phase work across the separate Key stages, in year group teams. 

Faculty Points

Every week the students  from Year 5 have the chance to earn positive points, at the end of the week these are all collated together to see which faculty has the most. 

Points can be awarded for a variety of reasons both inside and outside lessons such as; commitment to their academic work, Golden tickets, An act of kindness or thoughtfulness, Being polite and considerate to name just a few examples.