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Uniform and Equipment

This Academy believes in high standards, high aspirations and the highest expectations in every aspect of its operation. Students and staff are expected to take pride in their appearance and this will support in developing high levels of self-worth. The Academy aims to give all students the foundations for a successful life by helping them to develop the skills and attitudes that will provide them with real life-chances. Students are expected to work hard and to achieve their individual best academically, to develop skills relevant to the 21st Century and to develop the self-confidence and sense of purpose necessary for success in a highly competitive global society.

A smart appearance is an increasingly important aspect of modern life as it does help a person to display an air of self-confidence and a sense of respect. The Academy aims to prepare students for a successful life and so an emphasis on taking pride in one’s own appearance is an essential part of the educational process. The Academy has a strict uniform policy which helps to enhance the purposeful and successful climate of the Academy. Our uniform policy demands professionalism and ensures safety which also ensures that students are fully focused on learning as opposed to other distractions.

Winter Uniform Reminder

After October half term the Academy's winter uniform must be worn, we would like to politely remind parents and carers that this includes the wearing of proper Academy jumper and black tights.

If you are wearing trousers then black socks must be worn. If you are wearing a skirt then black tights must be worn.  If you are wearing a coat then they must be plain.

If you are in any doubt as to the appropriateness of what students can or cannot wear then please take time to look at the Academy's Uniform Policy which can be found here or on the 'Policies' page of the Atlantic website. 

Please order from our uniform supplier 'Brigade's' website, allowing enough time for delivery.  We do not provide uniform for general sale; however, we do have a large remaining stock of 40+ Jumpers and Blazers that may be purchased directly from the school.

To contact our uniform supplier please click here

To find out specifics, please look below:

Atlantic Academy Uniform & Equipment Policy - all years 2020/ 2021

Atlantic Academy Portland Uniform & Equipment Policy all years 2019 to 2020

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