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Local Area Board

Jessica Johnson - Parent Member

Peter Allam - Co-Opted Member

Bill Reeve - Co-Opted Member

Kevin Burden - Co-Opted Member 

Jonathan Heap - Ex-Officio Member, Principal, Atlantic Academy Portland

Kim Wilcocks - Parent Member 

Local Advisory Bodies (LABs) provide an essential link between academies, parents and communities. They operate in an advisory capacity only. These LABs are made up of : Co-opted members from local businesses and the community, Aspirations Central Team members, parents, academy Principal, and academy SLT members.

The duties of the Local Advisory Bodies are:

Strategic Leadership

1. Embedding and promoting the Aspirations Framework within academies.

2. Supporting the provision of high quality education at academies.


3. Investigating educational and financial matters of concern as delegated to by District Boards.

4. Escalating identified issues and risks to District Boards.

5. Embedding policies as delegated to by the District Board.


6. Participating in independent review panels to consider decisions to permanently exclude pupils.

7. Participating in panels to consider parental complaints.


8. Participating in staff discipline, grievance and capability hearings in accordance with relevant policies.

This is NOT a Governing Body, the Governing Body (The South Coast District Board). The District Boards monitor, support and challenge academies within their regional area.

For full details please see the AAT Governance Policy in the Policy section of the website HERE.

The LAB will have 3 meetings per year and the LAB Chairperson will also attend, where available, the South Coast District Meetings.

If you are interested in becoming a LAB member then please complete the Governance form below or email your initial interest and any queries to

Aspirations Trust Governors: 

Roma Bosch – Member and Trustee

Dr Michael Corso – Member

Raymond McNulty – Member

Vic Daniels – Trustee and Chair of the Board

Steve Kenning – Trustee and Managing Director

Paula Kenning – Trustee and Deputy Managing Director

Tara Baig – Trustee

Caroline Bault – Trustee

Mark Brocklehurst – Trustee

Dr Lisa Lande – Trustee

Ian Livingstone – Trustee

Richard Prime – Trustee


Governance Form

Governance Form
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