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Posted on: January 30th 2018

Business Day

Last week Atlantic Academy held a business day, students in Year 11 had the chance to network with local employers. The students spoke with four different employers from around Weymouth and Portland in the dining hall for a speed networking interview. The employers were very impressed with the students.

" Thanks for helping to organize the day. I enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed the afternoon ‘speed networking’ sessions with your students. I was very impressed by the way that they presented themselves. They were invariably polite, articulate and confident. The majority had a good idea of what they wanted to do next and were focused on getting the best out of their time at school. One or two mentioned that their secondary school experience had been disappointing until the new management had arrived with the Atlantic Academy. They were very complimentary about the positive changes that had been made. You must be very proud of your students." Portland Port. 



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