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Academy Library Books

Dear Parents/Carers

Over the course of the school year a number of books - withdrawn from the Academy library, or specific classrooms - may have accumulated in bedrooms, or elsewhere in the homes of students. We would like these books back.

If you have any books that you know belong to the school, could they please be returned tomorrow - Wednesday 25th July 2018 - as we wish to restock the library over the summer break and need to know exactly how many books we are dealing with.

There will be no ​penalties for students returning overdue books, or those that have accidentally taken books home from lessons that they meant to return.  Please bring any books that you find to the library and place them in the large, black, plastic box next to the double doors, or they can be left in the box in main reception.

Returning books allows other students the pleasure of reading them and helps the school avoid spending funds on replacing books that could be spent elsewhere.

Thank you.