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Blanthorn Matt                                                        Page Ben


Mr Blanthorn                                                              Mr Page

Dolphin Class Teacher                                               Whale Class Teacher

Early Years Lead


Pizzey Louise

                                                             Day Janine


Miss Pizzey                                                               Mrs Day

Learning Support Assistant                                       Learning Support Assistant


Summer Term 1

This half term our new topic is ‘Looking After Our Planet’, this links well with the Aspirational theme of ‘Leadership and Responsibility’. This topic is mainly focusing on how we can protect our environment, how we can help endangered species, how recycling can make a difference and how we can support others who are less fortunate than ourselves. We shall also be revisiting ‘People Who Help Us’ and shall be having a ‘Safety Week’.


In story making we shall be retelling the traditional tale of ‘The Little Red Hen’ as it links well with helping other people.


For Literacy the children have been split into four phonic groups where they will be continuing to learn sounds, segmenting/blending skills and continue to develop their reading and writing. There will also be a strong focus on ‘Grotty Words’, these are common irregular words that aren’t phonetically decodable at this stage.

We are also getting the children to suggest fund raising ideas and they will be making posters and flyers. We shall be donating the money raised to a suggested charity.


In Maths our focus will be making sure that all children are confident at recognising and ordering numbers to 20. We shall also be looking at subtraction, time and money. We will be introducing doubling and halving to extend children who have secure number knowledge.