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Transition Information 2018

We are delighted that you have chosen Atlantic Academy for your child, and look forward to welcoming you and your child to Atlantic over the coming months.

As you will be aware by now, Atlantic Academy has the highest expectations of our students. We believe that our very high expectations help ensure all students, no matter what their starting points, can achieve and we will do everything possible to make this happen. Our mantra of ‘no excuses’ means exactly this – we hold out hope for every child that they can succeed at the highest level. We do not dwell on barriers, we look for solutions, with the firm belief that everyone can succeed at Atlantic.

We are now beginning the process of working with yourself, your child and staff at your child’s current school to ensure that your child has a smooth transition into Atlantic Academy for September 2018.

Transition packs have aready been sent out and you should have recevied them by now. However we will put all the information on this page as well. 

Year 7 Apprenticeship Programme

Year 7 Apprenticeship Programme: Behaviour, Rewards and Enrichment

Year 7 Apprenticeship Programme: SLANT/ TLAC /Presentation and KO self quizzing

Year 7 Apprenticeship Programme: Reporting and Assesments

Year 7 Apprenticeship Programme: Secondary Maths

Year 7 Apprenticeship Programme: Stoicism

Year 7 Apprenticeship Programme: Secondary English

Year 7 Apprenticeship Programme: English- Vocabulary

Year 7 Apprenticeship Programme: Vocabulary

Year 7 Apprenticeship Programme: Careers, Community & Cultural Capital


Transition Pack

Atlantic Academy Transition Information

Reply Slip re Transition evening for parents

Basic Student Equipment Expectation

Biometrics letter for Yr 7 2017- 18

Proposed student timetable

Atlantic Academy Portland UNIFORM and EQUIPMENT POLICY all years 2017 to 2018

Home School Agreement

FSM Information


We hope that you find these documents helpful.

As an Aspirations Academy, it is a part of our ethos at Atlantic that we want every single student to aspire to the best possible future when they come to leave secondary education. 

But, above all, as they take their journey through secondary education we want them to increasingly focus on their potential for a university education or a challenging and rewarding career option after the summer of 2025. Whatever their dreams and aspirations, we want to help every student fulfil them.

I am looking forward very much to meeting with you and to building a strong and mutually supportive relationship that will take your child on that journey through Atlantic Academy.

Transition Enquiries

Transition Enquiries
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