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Atlantic Academy Feedback

Feedback from students, parents, carers and the community is very important to us as an academy. In this section it shows feedback that we have received from students, parents, carers and the community.

Letter from Richard Drax MP (January 2018) 

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"So nice to read positive comments about the school, I am very happy with my sons start in education, the school has improved dramatically and the community needs to support the Academy and it's staff rather than always trying to find fault, yes things will go wrong, but if you're always looking for the negatives then you won't see the positives.

Letter in the Free Portland News (January 2018) 

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"Thank you for the opportunity to take the tour around the school. As a parent of a child in Year 1 who has to catch the bus each day, I have found it hard that I haven't had much input in my child's education since she was moved to the top site. We live down the bottom of Portland and I work at another school in Weymouth, so this tour was a good chance for me to see what she was being offered at this new site. I have to say I was delighted with what I saw. The provision being offered to both primary and secondary children at the Academy is fantastic. The discipline works well for the children because as I entered each class it was obvious that they were responding to the high demands. As a teacher and parent I was thrilled by this as I could see my daughter thriving in this environment as she goes through the school. I could see the staff too valued the clarity this offers and they were all engaged with the teaching of the children to a high level." Academy in Action Tour. 

"Really impressed with the approach my two children’s teachers have taken with integrating them, inspiring them and working with them, helping them to progress. Both children are fully engaged, loving their new (and thankfully different) topics. Massive thanks particularly for Miss Iverson for the way she has helped my older son settle into his new class, and establish friendships." Atlantic Academy Parent. 

"We were very impressed with the apparent concentrated working of every child in every desk. We also seemed to visit 'classrooms' of all ages and found an 'attitude' of happily working in all places." Local Community Member of an Academy in Action Tour. 

"Thank you for a very interesting tour of your academy. I would like to applaud the strides that have been taken to improve the quality of teaching and support for the young people that attend and the opportunities for parents/ guardians to receive feedback on their young ones progress. I hope that we can meet on a regular basis to ensure that there is a strong link between County and Atlantic. I look forward to my next visit and to working with you all." Email from a Councillor

“Sir, this is amazing, I can actually learn now!” Atlantic Student.

"We went on a school tour yesterday just beacause we wanted to be nosey!! Well we were both extremely impressed with what we saw. Atlantic Academy is going to be the school parents will want to send their children to in the near future... How lucky are we all, that our children are there now... :)" Local Community Member

"I want to say 'thank you' and a very merry christmas to the early years team at O.Q. Our Grandson has had the best start to his education; He has been happy and settled from day one, loves school and triving. This is down to the professinoal nurturing and caring approach by the teaching and support staff at O.Q. Enjoy your well deserved break, and thank you again." Atlantic Academy Grandparent. 

“Thank you, we now have a school to be proud of” Year 9 Student.

“I would like to applaud the strides that have been taken to improve the quality of teaching and support for the young people that attend and the opportunities for parents/ guardians to receive feedback on their young ones progress.” Cllr Garcia.

“Really great open evening tonight, heard a few parents from other schools say how impressed they were.” Atlantic Parent.

“ I am not often lost for words but after walking with you on your tour today I am completely gobsmacked. The difference with teaching, the children so focused in lessons, the peace in classrooms. How well mannered and well behaved the children were. A very well done to yourself and the teaching staff.” Action Tour Visitor. 

“Strong teaching, strong progress and great support within. Thank you” Primary Parent.

“The happiness of my children and the progress they are all making is brilliant. This is purely down to excellent teachers who bring out the best in them as little individuals.” Primary Parent.

“I am very happy with the school and both my boys come home everyday happy and enthusiastic about the school.” Primary Parent.

“My children are all very happy here, and have been since they started at Southwell primary. I strongly believe this is due to the excellent teachers and staff. Very happy.” Primary Parent.

“The discipline and  structure implemented since the changeover has made a huge difference for the better”. Primary Parent.

“We are very happy with our child’s experience so far!” Primary Parent.

“We are happy with the support from the class teacher, within 6 weeks the input has made a big difference to learning.” Primary Parent.

“Really friendly.” Primary Parent.

“My child has progressed a lot in everything this year already, she is very happy here and never complains about coming to school. Well done to all involved in the changes.” Primary Parent.

“ My child enjoys this school and it reflects on her progress.” Primary Parent.

“Based on experience so far. I would recommend the school.” Primary Parent.

“Massive improvement since Atlantic. Thank you!” Primary Parent.

“Excellent! Well done.” Primary Parent.

“Very impressed with the new direction the Academy has taken. Marvellous me is marvellous.” Primary Parent.